Wood Thrush…

Wood Thrush...

I have been stalking this specific bird for some time. I have seen it hanging around our chickens and it is always a fleeting moment. This one was caught in a mist net which really helps with taking a picture of it.  I have tried so many times to get pictures of it but usually with poor success.  It is usually blurry because it moves a lot and the lighting is poor. There was one that was hanging outside our house at night sleeping in a tree but you could hardly tell it was the same thing.

DSCN4512This was the sleeping Wood Thrush right outside our front door.  The night guard pointed it out to us and it sleep there for a week or more until moving some place else.  It puffs up and sticks it beak in it’s feathers.  I wonder where all the other birds sleep.  I don’t usually see them sleeping.


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